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    André Robillard grew up near Orléans, France. His father was a forester and the family lived in a house placed at their disposal by the local authorities. At the age of 19, as a result of mental disturbances, André Robillard was committed to the hospital in Fleury-les-Aubrais, near Orléans.


    Born in 1959 in England
    Lives in France

    Classic literary studies

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  • François MONCHATRE

    François Monchâtre

     Attiré dès son jeune âge par la magie et la poésie des machines et engins mécaniques, entré à dix-sept ans à l’École des Métiers d’Art, il exerce des emplois aussi divers qu’inattendus (marionnettiste, garçon d’ascenseur...), qui lui font jeter un œil lucide sur le genre humain. Il crée “Le Crétin”, regard vide, étriqué dans son habit passe-partout, individu anonyme dans le troupeau de ses semblables.

  • Gérard SENDREY

    Gérard Sendrey was born in 1928. He lives outside Bordeaux, in Bègles, where he worked until 1988. Along with his job as a civil servant, and after several sporadic approaches, he has devoted himself since 1967 to painting and drawing.


    J.J. Cromer was born on November 21, 1967, in Princeton, West Virginia, to parents who were both science teachers. His mother's love of birds inspired her naming him "John J." after famed bird illustrator John James Audubon. Cromer was raised in rural Tazewell County, Virginia.

  • Jean-Christophe PHILIPPI

    Jean-Christophe PHILIPPI

    Né en1963 à Strasbourg, il commence à dessiner et à peindre vers l’âge de 14 ans, sous l’influence de son oncle qui est peintre. Très influencé par l’iconographie médiévale et notamment par les sculptures et les vitraux de la cathédrale de Strasbourg, il représente des monstres, des personnages grotesques et un bestiaire fantastique. Il fréquente un temps les cours du soir de l’école des Arts décoratifs de la ville, cependant sa formation reste entièrement autodidacte.

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  • Jean-Joseph SANFOURCHE

    Jean-Joseph Sanfourche, born on June 25th 1929 in Bordeaux, spends his childhood in Rochefort-sur-Mer. At the onset of World War II, he moves to Limoges where his father teaches drawing to Air Force Students. Then, at the age of eighteen, two years after his father's death, a factory producing quilted fabric hires him as a manager.

  • Jean-Michel CHESNE

    Born in Paris in 1959, Jean-Michel Chesné has been a creator for more than 30 years: in the beginning of the 80s, after studying agriculture,he developed a passion for art. In 1992, he visited the Palais du Facteur Cheval in Hauterives, which was a real shock to him. It definitively gave him a taste for raw art and had such a radical effect on his work that, in 1997, along with his graphic creations, he started constructing a small building in his garden, a sort of chapel-grotto he covered in mosaics. He also covered the adjacent walls and the walls surrounding the yard.

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  • Jephan De VILLIERS

    Jephan de Villiers began painting and making sculptures at the age of 14.
    He built huge villages made of earth and bark. He loved the circus, the theatre and mime.

    In the Sixtes he discovered the work of Constantin Brancusi .
    Paris in 1966 saw the birth of "Sculptures Aquatiales". A year later he settled in London and exhibited there regularly.

  • Joel LORAND

    The birth of Joel Lorand's artistic vocation (Joël was born in Paris, in 1962) takes so much meaning from the mysteries of the human psyche : it was upon seeing his wife on the verge of giving birth, that this talented pastry chef, fascinated by drawing, comic books, rock'n'roll, and television series since childhood, suddenly understood that he should like to leave behind something more durable than the dispensable products that plague our world today.

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